The Plains All Casualty of War | God of War Ragnarok

The Plains All Casualties of War | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows the location of all  Casualties of War and how to get them in The Plains area of the Vanaheim Region in God of War RagnarokClick here to see The Plains complete collectibles Guide.

Note: You must complete the Return of the River favor to flood the crater, which is required to reach all the areas in the region.

1) Casualty of War: The Brooch

From the crater entrance mystic gateway, climb up the ledge on the north side. Then jump down and go left. When you reach the broken pillars, go right. Talk to the ghost next to the tree there to start the quest. Now go to the path on the right side of the mystic gateway as shown in the second picture below. Turn left and climb up the ledge on the path. Then go to the edge of the cliff to find the other half of the brooch as shown in the third picture below.

2) Casualty of War: The Stein

From the dock at the Jungle Entrance, hop on the boat and take the tunnel going north. Soon you will reach a small island with a rift on it. Go west from the island with the rift as shown in the picture below. Keep rowing west to reach the western dock in The Plains.

Get down the boat and proceed ahead. As you jump down the ledge, you will be attacked by a Dreki. The second half of the mean stein is in the same area as the Dreki. You cannot collect the stein unless you have started Casualty of War: The Stein Favor in The Jungle.

3) Casualty of War: The Scroll

From the location marked as “Current Location” in the map below, take the path going north as shown in the pictures below.

After dropping down the ledge on the path, turn left and you will find a small tunnel. Use the hook in the tunnel to jump to the other side. Then turn left and jump across the gap. Then turn right and enter the cave as shown in the second picture below. Talk to the ghost inside the cave to start the quest.

Go out of the cave and climb up the wall on the south side. Then continue ahead to reach the celestial altar. Go north from the altar and look down from the edge to see the scroll as shown in the picture below. Look on the right side of the scroll and you will see a glowing stone as shown in the second picture below. Hit it with a spear but don’t detonate it yet. Jump down the altar from the east side, and then turn left and go to the opposite side of the barrier that you just hit with a spear. You will see two other glowing stones there. Hit them with spears. Then detonate all the there spears to destroy the barrier. Then jump down to get the scroll and complete the quest.

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