The Plains All Epic Hunts | God of War Ragnarok

The Plains Epic Hunts Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows the location of all Epic Hunts and how to complete them in The Plains area of the Vanaheim Region in God of War RagnarokClick here to see The Plains complete collectibles Guide.

Note: You must complete the Return of the River favor to flood the crater, which is required to reach all the areas in the region.

1) Epic Hunt (Favor: In Plain Sight)

Go to the location marked in the picture below and interact with the animal carcass next to a rock as shown in the second picture below to start the favor.

From the animal carcass’s location, go north. You will see a puddle of water on your left side. North of the puddle you will find another carcass. Interact with the carcass. Your objective will now update to slay the soul eater. Now turn right and you will see a rock as shown in the second picture below. This rock is Soul Eater. Hit the rock to awaken the Soul Eater. Then slay it to complete the quest.

2) Epic Hunt (Nocturnal Predator Favor)

You can start the quest by capturing any of the three wisps in the location shown in the picture. Wisps will appear at the location only during the night. Hit the wisps with your blade to capture them.

The location of the wisps is shown in the pictures below. One wisp is on the northern edge. From there, go southwest to find the next wisp. Then turn left to reach the third wisp. Capture the wisps by hitting them with their blade. Then go to the sigil at the center of the area. As you approach the sigil, Flame Phantom will spawn. Defeat it to complete the quest.

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