The Plains Lore Locations | God of War Ragnarok

The Plains All Lore Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows the location of all Lores and how to get them in The Plains area of the Vanaheim Region in God of War RagnarokClick here to see The Plains complete collectibles Guide.

Note: You must complete the Return of the River favor to flood the crater, which is required to reach all the areas in the region.

1) Lore (Treasure Map – A Scar is Born)

From the dock at the Jungle Entrance, hop on the boat and take the tunnel going north. Soon you will reach a small island with a rift on it. A Scar is Born treasure map is on this island as shown in the pictures below.

The buried treasure is underneath the arches leading to the sinkhole.

2) Lore (Lore Marker – Stupidity)

Go west from the island with the rift as shown in the picture below. Keep rowing west to reach the western dock in The Plains.

Get off the boat and climb up the wall on the right side. Then use the zipline there to reach the lore marker as shown in the pictures below.

3) Lore (Lore Marker – Apology)

From the location marked as “Current Location” in the map below, take the path going north as shown in the pictures below.

After dropping down the ledge on the path, turn right and you will see a gate as shown in the picture below. Shoot multiple sigil arrows on the gate as shown below for an increased area of impact. Then hit it with your axe to freeze the poison totem inside. Now open the gate to get the lore marker on the left side.

4) Lore (Lore Marker – Seidr)

It is at the northeast edge of the map as shown in the pictures below. Dock your boat on the beach and you will see the lore marker straight ahead as shown in the pictures below.

5) Lore (The Lost Pages)

Travel to the northern Mystic Gateway at Jungle Entrance. Then grapple to the other side of the river. Open the door with the chain on the left. Follow the path inside the tunnel, and use the spear to create a way up to the ledge. Squeezing through a narrow passage as you move forward. At the end of the path, open the gate to find the Seasonal Stag near a tree as shown in the pictures below.

Go to the opposite end of the platform the stag was on and climb up the wall as shown below. Then enter the door on the left side to find the lore scroll.

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