The Ruins – All Secret Area in Oddworld: Soulstorm (Walkthrough)

Oddworld Soulstorm:  The Ruins Walkthrough & Secret Areas

There are a total of 6 Secret Areas.

# Secret Area 1:
For the first secret area, you have to go a bit off the route to the spot. Early in The Ruins, you’re shown the tutorial on how to silently walk past Sligs. There are two of them to deal with. Once you get past both, you need to climb down to find the secret area after you roll under a platform.

# Secret Area 2:
The second Secret Area is on the way only. You’ll find yourself up against four Sligs. You need to burn and kill sligs using brew bottles. As you work your way through, make sure to head to the very bottom of the location as seen in the image.

# Secret Area 3:
Soon after the second hidden area, you’re shown the tutorial on how to control Sligs. As you move onto the next location keep an eye out for a ledge you can hop. You can find the secret area after climbing up from the main path.

# Secret Area 4:
This secret area is on the way. You can find it after the blimp blew up the bridge. For main path you have to climb up the wall, but the secret area is down below as shown in the image. Use brew bottles to clear your path from sligs and find the secret area.

# Secret Area 5 & 6:
The 5 & 6 secret area is just after the 4th one. After Secret Area 4 you have to climb up and find the way down again to find this area. Blasting the wooden blockage using fire and brew bottles.

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