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You get ‘The Scattered Cargo’ Side quest by talking to the old lady below a tree near the fountain on the East Side of Seafront during the second half of the game. She will task you to locate three missing cargo and tell you to not look inside them. It is advisable to peek into the cargo for a change to choose a better reward.

Missing Cargo 1

The First Cargo can be found on the western beach in Seafront near the crashed ship.

Missing Cargo 2

The Second cargo can be found on the side of the lake near the waterwheel in NieR Village.

Missing Cargo 3

The third and final cargo is in the Northern Plains, below the bridge leading to Junk Heap.

Outcomes & Rewards

If you looked inside the cargo you will have two options to choose from, Deliver the cargo to the client or Report it to the Seafront authorities.

Option 1: If you choose to deliver the cargo to the client, go and talk to the old lady near the fountain in Seafront to recieve a reward of 20000 Golds. You will also get discount in Seafront Item Shop.

Option 2: If you choose to report it to the Seaport authoritirs, then first go and talk to the person standing near the Seafront entrance. After that go to the post office and talk to the Postman to get a 50000 Gold Reward.

Video Walkthrough

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