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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of ‘The Seeds of Love’ Yaran Story side quest. You can get this quest by talking to Lorenzo Canseco in Patriotas Peak camp in Sierra Perdida, El Este as shown below.

Mission Description: I need to make amends with my children. All of them. For years I refused to accept the responsibility of being a father. Now, in my twilight years, I must reckon with my cruelty and let them know I am sorry… with these letters.

Lorenzo’s Children 1/7: Lorenzo’s Felipe

Lorenzo’s Felipe is in Todos Santos Cemetery, which is west of Verde Lake in Sierra Perdida as shown below. Go through the smokey path in the cemetery as shown in the third picture below, to reach Felipe at the backside of the cemetery.

Lorenzo’s Children 2/7: Lorenzo’s Tiago

This photo is in Santo Domingo, Sierra Perdida. Lorenzo’s Tiago is inside the house shown in the second picture below. Climb up the building in front of the house and shoot the lock through the windows (see the third picture below). Then enter the house through the backside and reach Lorenzo’s Tiago.

Lorenzo’s Children 3/7: Lorenzo’s Riel

You will find the symbol from the photo on a wall in Oceguera Farm as shown below. In front of the symbol, you will find a small plant kept on a table (see the third picture below). Sniff the plant and an apparition of Lorenzo’s Riel will appear in front of you. Follow the apparition to reach Lorenzo’s Riel.

Lorenzo’s Children 4/7: Lorenzo’s Juan

The outhouse from the photo is in Perdomo Farm as shown below. In front of the outhouse, you will find a key on top of a table in a shed. Collect the key and use it to open the room on the left side to find Lorenzo’s Juan.

Lorenzo’s Children 5/7: Lorenzo’s Camilo

This photo is from Barriga town, which is in the north portion of Sierra Perdida. Lorenzo’s Camilo is inside the house with the blue door as shown below.

Lorenzo’s Children 6/7: Lorenzo’s Maricela

The photo represents Flores Farm in Conuco as shown below. Pet the dog on the farm and it will lead you to Lorenzo’s Maricela. If the dog is bugged, then you can simply swim across the river on the west side of the farm and walk north along the river to find Lorenzo’s Maricela sitting near a campfire as shown in the pictures below.

Lorenzo’s Children 7/7: Lorenzo’s Xiomara

You will find Lorenzo’s Xiomara in the highlighted building on the west side of Concepcion in Conuco. Go inside the building and climb the ladder to reach Lorenzo’s Xiomara, who will be drawing graffiti on the wall of the building. This will complete the mission.

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