The Shadow Over Petrichor Quest | Genshin Impact 4.6

This article will guide you through all the objectives of the quest “The Shadow Over Petrichor” in Genshin Impact 4.6. The Shadow Over Petrichor is the first part of the Canticles of Harmony Quest chain.

Starting Location

To start the quest, head over to the Petrichor area as marked on the map and activate the Statue of Seven to unlock the area.

Follow the quest marker to observe a cutscene where a leader scolding his men near a headless statue. Walk towards them for a cutscene and then speak with them.

Defeat the “bandits”

Defeat the adventurers/ bandits after talking to them. Then observe another cutscene of the distant past.

Head to Petrichor

After the cutscene, head into the town of Pertrichor and speak with a few NPCs. Speak with an NPC named Este near the wooden bench who will speak about the pendant the cat is wearing.

Explore the ruins in the mountain

After the cat runs off. Este should ask the traveler to look for the cat in the nearby ruins. Follow the quest marker to reach the ruins located on the eastern side of the island.

Defeat the revived statue

Once you reach the ruins, a giant statue revives itself. Defeat the giant statue.

After the fight, the traveler will again observe a cutscene. Speak with the cat named Osse. The cat should tell more about the people of Petrichor.

Follow Osse into the deep spring

Follow the cat (Osse) and dive into the underwater area to explore a new region.

Go to the underwater Faded Castle

Follow the cat inside the water, activate the teleport waypoint, and then reach the underwater Faded Castle.

Head to the Faded Castle

Follow Osse into the Faded Castle to find Osse sitting on a table near an old mystical music box. The quest will end after the cutscene.

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