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  • Post published:August 4, 2021
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The Stash is a side mission in The Ascent. The guide contains how to get the quest, where to start ‘The Stash’, rewards, and location.

How to start ‘The Stash’ side quest

NPC for “The Stash ” sidequest is already dead. You have to read the datapad of the dead NPC to start the quest and get the quest details. The corpse of the NPC is inside a building located in the northeast area of ‘Grinder’. I have marked the location of the building on the map below. The ‘Grinder’ is located north of the ‘No Man’s land’ sector.

Once you reach the ‘Grinder’ sector, head to the northeast side end enter inside the building. Interact with the corpse to read the datapad. Datapad will give you the details regarding the quest. Here is a summary of sidequest – NPC has hidden his dad’s gun inside an abandoned pizzeria in the ‘Gratitude’ sector.

Once you received the quest, head to the ‘Gratitude’ sector. A fast possible way to reach ‘gratitude’ is to take a train from your current location (Grinder) to the train station at No Man’s Land. From the train station walk your way south to reach the ‘Gratitude’ sector. You will also encounter several enemy hordes along the way that you need to clear.

Where To Find Linus Pizza Palace

After reaching the ‘Gratitude’ sector, start tracking the quest so, the marker points you toward abandoned Linus Pizza Palace. The objective is in a back room inside Linus Pizza Palace. To enter the backroom you need to unlock an ICE 1 door. This ICE 1 door requires a Cyberdeck to unlock it.

Take the reference of the below article on how to get cyberdeck and open the Locked Ice 1 door. Open the door with your Cyberdeck, then take the Old Gun. Iris is located in the Cluster 13 area. Go to Cluster 13 via train and head to the pub (where you bring in the Bounties). Iris is the bartender there. Speak with Iris to end the sidequest.

How to open ICE 1 Doors | Cyberdeck Location in Cluster 13

To be able to open the ICE-1 doors you’ll need the Ice Kicker Cyberdeck upgrade. The cyberdeck upgrades are optional but very important to improve the hacking ability of your character in The Ascent. By obtaining cyberdeck upgrades you’ll be able to hack more and more doors, chests, ATMs, Vending machines, turrets, etc. You begin the game with TA Lifestyle CyberDeck Upgrade. As you progress through the game you’ll come across 11 more cyberdeck upgrades. This article will show you the location of the Ice Kicker cyberdeck upgrade in Cluster 13. For a visual walkthrough check the video at the bottom of this article.

Ice Kicker Cyberdeck upgrade

Ice Kicker is the first cyberdeck upgrade that you can obtain in the game, after reaching Cluster 13. This cyberdeck upgrade is located in the northwest corner of Cluster 13 behind the Armor Shop. Take the stairs on the left side of the Armor Shop and reach the balcony at the very end of the alley. You’ll find the Ice Kicker Cyberdeck upgrade there. Your cyberdeck will be automatically upgraded after you pick this upgrade.

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