The tale of Rowland Oakes Walkthrough | Hogwarts Legacy

The tale of Rowland Oakes Side Quest | Hogwarts Legacy

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of The tale of Rowland Oakes side quest in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023.

Talk to Adelaide Oakes (Quest Starting Location)

Talk to Adelaide Oakes in the Astronoy Wing garden to start the quest.

Find Rowland Oakes’s Campsite

Go to Rowland Oakes’s Camp at the location shown in the picture below and defeat all the Goblins there.

Investigate the campsite to find a clue

Search the camp and you will find a map under a tent as shown in the picture below.

Use Rowland’s map to follow his trail

Leave Rowland Oake’s campsite and go right. Follow the river going southwest, and it will lead you to the Bandit Camp Castle, near Korrow Ruins Floo Flame, as shown in the pictures below. The objective will complete as you enter the Bandit Camp Castle.

Enter the Goblin Outpost

Defeat all the Goblins there. Then go to the upper level and enter the Korrow Ruins as shown in the picture below.

Explore the Goblin Outpost and find Rowland Oakes

Proceed ahead until you find Rowland Oakes behind a door as shown in the picture below. Then talk to Rowland Oakes through the cell door.

Find Rowland’s Wand

Turn around and climb up the stairs. The objective marker will take you to a locked door. Climb up the platform on the opposite side of the locked door. Ignite the mechanism there using the Incendio spell as shown in the picture below. This will unlock the door. Now go inside, defeat all the goblins there, and collect the wand from the table.

Give Rowland his Wand

Go back to Rowland and give back his wand to him to complete the quest.

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