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The Truest Yaran” is a Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6 where a player needs to explore the power station manager’s office for treasure. There are no pre-requisites for Treasure Hunts. A player just needs to head the purple-colored treasure hunt icon and need to read the note that starts the treasure hunt. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Truest Yaran treasure hunt quest.

Starting Location: And the Beat Goes On…

The treasure hunt “The Truest Yaran” starting location is in the “Noventarmas” sub-region of the Valle De Oro. I’ve marked the location of the treasure hunt starting point on the map. At the starting point, read the letter posted on the wall as shown in the image. The letter says that the manager of this power station fires all her employees for entering her office.

Objectives: Access the manager’s office

Step 1: I need to get inside

As the treasure hunt begins, your goal is to find out what the manager of this power station is hiding in her office. There are two ways to enter the power station building. You can use the below image to find both starting points.

Path #1: From the treasure note, go right and drop down to the waterway. Enter the dark tunnel, then climb up some ladders to get inside the building

Path #2: From the treasure note, go to the right-hand side and take left before the waterway. Look for a grappling hook on the left near a construction area (just before the Excavator) and then rappel down into the waterway

Both the path works perfectly. Once inside, climb up ladders and follow the linear path to reach a big Hall with a corpse hanging from the roof.

Climb up the stairs to reach a control room with a switch and note on the desk. The note tells that the power isn’t working because the pipes are clogged. Your task is to restore the power by unclogging them.

Step 2: I need to find the blockages in the pipes. Shooting at them should work.

1st Pipe to unclog: Now you need to unclog pipes at two locations. In the same hall with a corpse hanging, you will find an opening on the floor. You can drop down into a flooded area through the opening. Dive deep and search for a pipe with an open lid and dirt on the left side. Use a melee attack on the dirt to remove it and drain out the water.

2nd Pipe to unclog: Dive into another opening, close to the red light, as shown in the image below. Look for a pipe with an open lid and dirt, as shown in the image. Use a melee attack on the dirt to remove it and drain out the water completely.

After draining out the water completely, backtrack to the control room with a switch. Pull the lever of the switch and it will open the shutter gate of the manager’s office connected to the hall. Enter inside the manager’s office to collect the treasure from the chest.

(Bug: You may find the shutter gate open when you enter the first time with an invisible wall. Simply fast travel away from here and come back and it should work correctly)

There the treasure hunt concludes and you will receive a “The True Loyalist” shotgun and 150 XP.

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