How to do Three Friends Among Flowers Request: New Pokemon Snap

Three Friends Among Flowers Request: Scorbunny 4 Star Pose | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Three friends Among Flowers’ request. The request is to snap a picture of Scorbunny rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Go to Florio Nature Park (Day).
  • Reach the flower field at the very end.
  • You can spot Pichu hiding in the blue flowers on the left side of the road. Throw Illumina Orb at Pichu to make him come out.
  • After that, Pichu along with 2 other Pokemons will huddle around a Crystalbloom flower.
  • Throw an Illumina orb at the crystalbloom.
  • This will make Scorbunny roll on the floor laughing. Take his picture for a 4-star pose.

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