Through the Mist a Name Unveiled | Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows how to complete the story quest “Through the Mist a Name Unveiled” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8 which is launched on July 13, 2022. This is one of the world quests that a player needs to complete to unlock Golden Apple Archipelago.

Ask Ryuuji for information

As soon as the quest begins, go to Inazuma City’s northern part and speak with Ryuuji. He won’t be allowed to share any details about any recent similar attacks on anyone. But,  He will discuss tell about the recent disappearance of two men. One of them is Anenoma Yuuya who is the nephew of Anenoma Tougo who is the owner of a smithy.

Ask Amenoma Tougo for information 

Next, head to Anenoma Tougo’s smithy. You can find him in Inazuma City. He will tell him that his nephew is missing as he went to collect the item from Mr. Nagato. There was a fire breakout at the warehouse and both people are missing.

Go to the Nagato household and find out what happened 

Head to Nagato house located in the northern part of Inazuma City. Mrs. Nagato will also not be able to reveal more information other than their warehouse was burnt and since then Mr. Nagato is missing.

Go to the warehouse where the fire broke out 

Go to Mr. Nagato’s warehouse to investigate. At the burned-out warehouse, Kazuha will pick up some strong scents and some sounds. This will follow by a cut-scene where Kazuha will tell about the influence of Tatarigami energy.

Follow the scent and look for clues & Defeat the hilichurls 

After interacting with the light marker near the warehouse, continue looking for Tatarigami energy around the area shown on the map by a yellow circle. Use Elemental Sight to find some black cloudy smoke around the area that you need to follow. Also, defeat a group of hilichurls.

Talk to Kazuha 

As you investigate the area, you will find that Yuuya started the firehouse at the warehouse and wounded Mr. Nagato

Keep following the scent and looking for clues 

Continue to search the area using Elemental Sight. Finally, the game will direct you to an island on the western side of Inazuma city. You can make use of the wind rings and wind current to reach the island.

Defeat the attacker 

On the island defeat the “Unknown Attacker”. The unknown attacker is actually Anenoma Yuuya 

Talk to Kazuha

Complete the quest after a brief conversation.

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