Titanfall 2: Mission 3- Blood and Rust

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This is the third mission, and contains total six collectible pilot helmets and highlighted in the timestamps below.

00:30 – Make your way to Major Anderson’s rendezvous point
03:00 – New Titan Loadout
03:43Pilot Helmet 1 (Collectible)
05:42 – Disembark BT and get to the control room to open the flow regulation gate
05:54Pilot Helmet 2 (Collectible)
09:55 – Find a way to rejoin BT
12:46Pilot Helmet 3 (Collectible)
16:57Pilot Helmet 4 (Collectible)
Pilot Helmet 5 & 6 (Collectible)
23:55 – Shut down the toxic sludge flow to rejoin BT
– Survive until the sludge pump shutdown is complete (Survive the waves of ticks, soldiers & robots)
– Boss Fight (Kane)
31:20 – Remove Kane’s helmet radio from his corpse

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