Toshi’s Love: Warrior Path | KENA: Bridge of Spirits

This article will guide you through Warrior Path and questline Toshi’s Love. To get Toshi’s Fear questline, you must first complete the Help Toshi quest, where you will learn a new game ability: Dash. Dash is used to avoid attacks and navigate Spirit Gates. After assisting Toshi, you must pass through three gateways in the village, one of which is Toshi’s Love. 

Head to the Village Docks wrap stone (fast travel point) located southwest of the village center area. Once you reached the purple gate, Dash through the Gateway to start the Warrior Path. 

Now, Stand on the circle platform and look at the three blue crystals above the archway. The Number of stars above each crystal shows the sequence in which you have to shoot the crystal. You need to shoot them in a 1, 2, 3 order so Left Crystal, Right Crystal, Middle Crystal.

After this, head forward and use a Spirit Bomb on the stones below where the current path ends to create a new pathway for you. Jump across the floating stones and then take down a couple of enemies. After this, shoot the corrupted bulb on the left.

After this, dash through the first gateway, then use a Spirit Bomb on the three-stone pillar on your left. Then do similarly at the next two gateway. Finally, dash once more to reach the initial point. So in total, you have to do four dashes. After the fourth dash, you will reach the initial point again. Shoot Lotus Flower to transport to the other side. Jump over the floating stones to reach the top. Finally, dash through the gateway at the top.

After this, head further up to the arena where you have to defeat the enemies and destroy the corrupted bulb to purify the area.

Warrior Path Puzzle Solution

Now, you have to solve the similar puzzle that you encounter at the start where you stand on the circular platform and look for the stars above blue crystals to know the sequence order in which it needs to be shoot. But here arch gate has four crystals and nearby there are four circular platforms and when you stand on a circular platform it gives one number.

There are two platforms on the left and right at a lower height and easily accessible. After clearing the corruption look for the large moveable square cube just opposite the arch gate. There is a platform below the square cube. Move the square cube to the right using your Rot and move it to the cliff face you need to climb. You will find the fourth platform at a higher level.

When you stand on each platform, look at the four blue crystals above the arch gate. You should see some stars somewhere in the background. These stars indicate the order the blue crystals must be shot from the platforms.

After successfully solving the puzzle, dash through the arch gate and climb up the cliff to reach the top. From the top look down to search for glowing boulders. Throw Spirit bomb and shoot with the arrow to make the floating stone path. 

Jump to the floating stone platforms and then dash through the nearby Gateway multiple times until you reach the end of this area. Use Rot to swing the wood to hit the large bell. Interact with a purple orb to start a cutscene, followed by a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Warrior

  • Use Rot Hammer attack for higher damage and dodge warrior attack.
  • Use Rot Spirit Bomb and use Rot Spirit Bow shot. 
  • Shield up when warrior unleashes a pink blast attack.

When you defeat the Warrior, you’ll receive the  Village Crest Relic. You’ll receive Three Rot and  Warrior Mask Rot Hat for finishing this quest and defeating the Warrior.

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