Toshi’s Regret: Hunter Path | KENA: Bridge of Spirits

This article is a walkthrough of Toshi’s Regret quest and How to Complete the Hunter Path. To get Toshi’s Regret questline, you must first complete Help Toshi, where you will learn a new ability: Dash. Dash is used to avoid attacks and navigate Spirit Gates. After assisting Toshi, you must pass through three gateways in the village, one of which is Toshi’s Fear. 

Follow the path heading to the east from the village Center. Cross through the draw bridge and eliminate all the enemies you encounter. I have marked the map where you will find the purple gate. Dash through the purple gate to reach Hunter Path.

Continue on the Hunter path until you reach a dead end. Here you can Spirit Bomb the Boulders on the left to make a new path. Run up the stairs behind the stones and then dash through the gateway up ahead. Keep fighting the enemies you encounter.

After this, climb up the rocks and head to the right when you see a lantern. Jump over the laser-looking lighting near the ground. Finally, you will reach an area with tall trees and a blocked path. Shoot the blue crystal in a clockwise direction and follow its energy to the next blue crystal. Eventually, this will drop a Forest Tear. 

Eliminated all the enemies and destroy the corrupted bulb. Follow the newly created path and jump across the broken stone bridge. On the right just before the broken bridge clear the corruption to find a Flower shrine.

When you reach the large forest opening, look at the trees. Look for the blue crystal that’s glowing. Shoot the blue crystal in a clockwise direction and follow its energy to the next blue crystal. Shoot each one until at the end, a purple orb appears. There are five to six blue crystals. Toshi Mask symbol will float in the middle of the arena. Interact with the Toshi Mask and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene gets ready for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Hunter

You can shoot at the hunter or use a melee attack. Try to Dash his attack. When you defeat the Hunter, you’ll receive the Harpoon Relic. You’ll receive Three Rot and  Hunter Rot Hat for finishing this quest and defeating the Hunter.

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