Touch the Sword Hilt Puzzle | Musoujin Gorge Luxurious Chest | Genshin Impact 2.0

There is a luxurious chest in the Musoujin Gorge area of the Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Region) which is surrounded by 6 electrified swords. When you approach an electrified sword you get the prompt TOUCH THE SWORD HILT. Touching the sword causes an explosion which will give you massive damage and you might even die. This walkthrough will show you how to solve the Touch the Sword Hilt Seelie Puzzle and unlock the luxurious chest.
Contents of the Luxurious Chest: 1 Berserker’s Rose, 1 Lucky Dog Eagle Feather, 1 Travelling Doctor’s Pocket Watch, 4 Electro Sigil, 2 Hero’s Wit, Guide to Transience, 1782 Mora, 10 Primogen.

How to solve TOUCH THE SWORD HILT Puzzle

To de-electrify all the swords you have to touch the swords (interact with the swords) in the right order as shown by the Seelie. As you approach the swords you will see a Seelie flying from one sword to another in a particular order. Stand still and observe the Seelie for a while and carefully notice the pattern in which it’s touching the swords. You’ve to touch the swords in the same pattern. The images below show the correct order in which you’ve to touch the swords. Touching the swords in the correct pattern will de-electrify the swords and two samurais will appear. Defeat the samurais and grab the content of the luxurious chest.

NOTE: You must be carrying an electrogranum while touching the swords (only then the swords will be de-electrified). Summon an electrogranum from the electrogranum plant nearby and then touch the swords (in correct order). If you run out of electrogranum after touching a few swords, just summon another electrogranum and then touch the remaining swords (in correct order).

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