The Tower Collectibles Locations (Skull, Spartan Cores, Audio Logs, Mjolnir Armory) | Halo Infinite Campaign

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (2 Spartan Cores, 1 Skull, 1 UNSC Audio Log, 1 Banished Audio Log, 1 Mjolnir Locker) in The Tower in Halo Infinite campaign.

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1) The Tower: Banished Audio Log

The Banished audio log is inside a container as shown in the picture below.

2) The Tower: Spartan Core 1/2

For the ‘Find a way to end the Lockdown’ objective and to activate the lift, you will need to go inside a building marked by a weapon on the map. The spartan core is inside a banished crate on the left of the building.

3) The Tower: Mjolnir Armory

Mjolnir Armor Locker is under the platform overhanging from the cliff. Jump down at the location shown below to reach the locker.

4) The Tower: UNSC Audio Log

After activating the Gravity Lift, take it to the top of the tower. Here you will find the Mjolnir Armor. After interacting with it, take the ramp to the next level. You will find the audio log at the foot of a pillar on this level.

5) The Tower: Spartan Core 2/2

After collecting the audio log, take the ramp to reach the next level. Here you will find the Spartan Core as shown below.

6) The Tower: Skull

Skull is on the roof of the tower. To reach the roof you will need the Quickshot upgrade of the grapple. Now go to the north side of the tower as marked in the picture below.

From the north side of the tower, grapple your way to the roof as shown below. You might find it a bit difficult if you don’t have the Quickshot upgrade of the grapple. On the roof, you will find the skull.

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