Tower of Fantasy: All 6 Ruin B-03 Chest Locations | Hard Mode

This guide shows where to find chests at Ruin B-03 in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022.

#1 Ruin Chest (Easy)

As you enter the B-03 Ruin, you will find a chamber filled with water and a moving platform moving around. The chest is located on top of a pillar located in the middle of the water as shown in the below image. Players can swim or hop on the moving platform to reach the pillar. 

#2 Ruin Chest (Easy)

In the first chamber, players can find the Lever on the left-hand side. Use the moving platform to reach the lever and use it to open the gate on the right wall of the chamber. Head inside and defeat all the enemies in the room and collect the chest.

#3 Ruin Chest (Normal)

Head to the right side after collecting Chest #2. Navigate your way through the moving tunnels and the laser beams to enter the next area. Defeat all the enemies here and collect the chest located to the right of the entrance on a raised platform.

#4 Ruin Chest (Hard)

Navigate your way through the four platforms and the laser beams to the other side. This chest is located behind the waterfall.

#5 Ruin Chest (Hard)

The chest is sitting on another platform below the four platforms you use to cross the gap. Glide down to reach the chest.

#6 Ruin Chest (Normal)

Jump down, and then cross the gap into the boss area. Take the entrance on the right. The chest is on the left just after the entrance.

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