Tower of Fantasy: All Ruin A-03 Chest Locations

This guide shows where to find chests at Ruin A-03 in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022. There are two chests at Ruin A-03. Ruin A-03 is located south of the Northern Ring Range.

#1 Ruin Chest

Enter the Ruin and interact with the mechanism in the middle to obtain Omnium Handcanon. Omnium Handcanon shoots a pillar that a wanderer can use to climb a wall.

Use the Omnium Handcanon to cross the first wall to find the chest on the right, near a steel fence.

#2 Ruin Chest

Defeat a wave of enemies and proceed to the next chamber. Use the Omnium Handcanon to cross the gap. You will find a small room on the other side protected by a laser barrier. The character is not severely injured or stopped by the laser barrier.

So just cross the laser to collect the chest.

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