Tower Of Fantasy: Help Fufu Quest | Lost Recipe Location Guide

This guide shows how to complete NPC (Fufu) side quest in the Ruin D-01. Ruins D-01 is located in the Crown Mines area of the map.

As you enter the Ruin D-01 you’ll encounter an NPC called Fufu sleeping on a mushroom. Talk to Fufu to initiate the quest. He will ask you to collect 3 Darkscale Ghost spores.

Proceed up two sets of the ledge. Defeat all the opponents up the ledges. You will find a stone stair on the right and a giant mushroom on the left.

Interact with the mushroom tree behind to collect the two glowing Darkscale Ghost spores.

The last and third Darkscale Ghost spores are on top of the mushroom tree. Climb the stairs on the right and then jump onto the mushroom to collect the third Darkscale Ghost Spore. Finally, go back and speak with Fufu (NPC).

Now you need to find the lost recipe for Fufu. Use the stone stairs to reach the main area which is a laser puzzle room. Follow the blue glowing orbs on the ground to reach the marked area.

Use Omnium Handcanon to shoot a pillar and use it to climb the left wall and then jump onto the purple mushrooms.

You will find the lost recipe sitting on the giant mushroom. Bring it back to Fufu to complete the quest

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