Tower of Fantasy: All 6 Ruin A-02 Chest Locations | Hard Level

This guide shows where to find chests at Ruin A-02 in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022. There are six chests at Ruin A-02 in Hard Mode.

#1 Ruin Chest

Enter Ruin A-02 and exit the first room. The chest is located on the left as you drop into the second room.

#2 Ruin Chest

Exit the second room and follow the main path. The chest is located after the second set of stairs near a metal drum.

#3 Ruin Chest

From the previous location go to the third room with the lever. Exit the room from the left to find the third chest.

#4 Ruin Chest

Continue to follow the path from the previous location. You will find a chest near some spiky wines on your right as soon as you enter the area with the moving platforms.

#5 Ruin Chest

This chest is located to the left before you jump onto the moving platforms to reach the boss room.

#6 Ruin Chest

The chest is located above metal frames in the boss room. Use the Omnium Gandcannon to climb up.

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  1. snekohime

    for those who are having difficulty getting the 6th: shoot 1 pillar on the ground and that will help you gain some height then shoot another one at the wall, that should get you up there pretty easily

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