Tricks of the Trade: Admiral Benitez billboards locations | Far Cry 6 Yaran Story

  • Post published:October 10, 2021
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‘Tricks of the Trade’ is a side quest in Far Cry 6. You will get it by talking to Gilberto in La Joya at the location shown below. This article shows the walkthrough for ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Yaran Story.

Head to the Fernando Local Radio station

Your first objective will be to Head to the Fernando Local Radio station. It is on the western portion of Conuco as marked below. Go inside the radio station and collect poster from the table.

Vandalize the Admiral Benitez billboards

Now you have to vandalize Admiral Benitez’s billboards. There are a total of 5 Admiral Benitez’s billboards located along the southern coast of Vacia Coast, Promise Peaks, and Robustas Hills. Location of the 5 billboards is marked on the map below. You need to vandalize only three of these billboards. To vandalize them, you need to climb up the billboard and interact with it. Once you have vandalized three billboards, you will receive a call from Gilberto.

Head to the rendezvous point at Basilica de la Virgen

Next, you have to Basilica de la Virgen. As you reach there, a cutscene will start.

Defend Felicia & Untie Felicia

After the cutscene, you will have to defend Felicia. Then untie Felicia to complete the quest.

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