Tricolor File: Secret Quest | Enkanomiya | Genshin Impact 2.4 Walkthrough

This guide shows how to get and complete the ‘Tricolor File’ hidden world quest in Enkanomiya. By doing this quest you will get one of the five lost books required for the ‘Collection of Dragons & Snakes‘ world quest.

How to start Tricolor File World Quest

To start the quest, go to the floating island on the north side of Dainichi Mikoshi, as shown in the picture below. Here you will find a ball-shaped phase gate as shown in the second picture below. Enter the phase gate to reach Vishap Research Lab.

On traveling through the phase gate, you will reach Vishap Research Lab as shown in the picture below. Talk to the ghost named Michiya here to start the Tricolor File World Quest.

Look for the experimental records in the experimental site

After the quest starts, enter the building. Here you will find a cryo pillar as shown in the picture below.

Hit the pillar with a cryo attack. this will open a gate and an enemy will come out. Defeat the enemy, then go inside the room and pick up the experimental record to complete the quest.

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