Trillion Trinket Trawl Stage 2 Genshin Impact (2 Types of Dogs, Cats, Birds)

This article will guide you on how to complete the Set Material Procurement (second stage) of the Trillion Trinket Trawl Event in Genshin Impact 4.6. In this event, travelers need to photograph different types of animals like Dogs, Cats, and Birds.

How to take a photo

To take a photo of an animal, a traveler has to use the Photo-Taking Function from Paimon’s Menu. Refer to the image below.

We recommend bringing Sayu or Aloy to your party because their passive talent will not alarm certain animals and birds.

Photograph Two Types of Birds

The first task of Set Material Procurement (second stage) is to take photos of two different types of birds. Slowing approach a bird and use the Photo-Taking Function from Paimon’s Menu to take a photo.

Best Bird Locations

Birds are often spotted while exploring the Mondstadt and the surrounding area like the bridge at the entrance of Mondstadt City.

Photograph Two Types of Dogs

Dogs are commonly located in Liyun Harbor, Mondstadt City, and Court of Fontaine. In Mondstadt City, one dog can be found in front of the General Store, near the Alchemy table, and another directly behind the General Store, right next to Xi’er

Best Dogs Locations

The easiest location to find dogs is on the bridge connecting the southern area of Liyun Harbor as shown in the map below. Two different types of dogs are located on both ends of the bridge.

Photograph Two Types of Cats

Three different types of cats may be found in front of Cat’s Tail in Mondstadt City or Asase Shrine in Inazuma

Asase Shrine in Inazuma

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