Triple Threat Request: Yanmega Ariados Fight | New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap: Triple Threat Request | Yanmega Ariados Fight 4 Star Pose Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Triple Threat’ request. The request is to take a 4-star picture of Ariados attacking Yanmega

    • This request can only be completed in Level 1 of the Founja Jungle (Night).
    • If your research level is higher, you can change the research level before starting the course.
    • Before entering the swamp play melody. Yanmega will come out and go to the swamp.
    • Scan the area and take the left route (to the swamp).
    • After entering the swamp, play the melody again and throw Illumina orb on Ariados (spider).
    • Ariados will starting Yanmega.
    • Snap a 4-star picture of Ariados attacking Yanmega to complete the request.

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