Tsurumi Island: All Stormstone Chests Puzzles | Genshin Impact 2.2

Stormstones are lamp pillars in Inazuma Island that glows when hit with electro attack. There are 4 Stormstone Puzzles on the Tsurumi Island. Chests spawn on solving these puzzles. This guide shows the locations and solutions of all the Stormstone Puzzles in Tsurumi Island.

1) Shirikoro Peak: 4 Stormstones

There are four Stormstone at the highlighted location in Shirikoro Peak. Hit all the four Stormstones with electro, and a common chest will appear. Stormstone 2 is behind some bushes on the east of the first 1. Stormstones 3 & 4 are south of the second one.

2) Shirikoro Peak: 4 Stormstones and an Electro Seelie

There is an Electro Seelie at the highlighted location east of Shirikoro Peak. As you go near it, the Seelie will move through 5 Stormstones. You have to hit the 5 Stormstones with an electro attack in the order the Seelie touches them. The second picture below shows the sequence in which you need to hit the pillars. This will complete the puzzle, revealing an exquisite chest.

3) Autake Planes: 4 Stormstones

There are four Stormstones on the west side of Tsurumi Island. Three Stormstones are at the location marked as ‘1’ on the map below and one on the location marked ‘2’. Go to the location marked ‘1’ and hit the three Stormstones with electro. Then rotate the phase gate there to make it face east. Then go through the phase gate to travel up the mountain to the final Stormstone. Hit it with an electro attack too. This will solve the puzzle and a common chest will appear.

4) Autake Plains: Stormstones & Lightning Strike Probes

There are three Lightning Strike Probes at the location shown below in Autake Plains. Near the probes, you can see an Electro Seelie and a few Stormstones. Hitting a Stormstones with an electro attack will make the Seelie float and come above it. Hit the Stormstone as shown in the second picture below. Then get electro charge from the Seelie and activate the three probes to solve the puzzle and get an Exquisite Chest.

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