Tuam: Ability & Wealth Location | AC Valhalla

How do you get the Book of Knowledge in Tuam: AC Valhalla

    • Firstly, after reaching the symbol location you will need to dive into the sinkhole.
    • Come out of the water and then squeeze through the gap in the wall and make your way through the tunnel.
    • Keep an eye on spikes trap on the floor when you drop down the ledge.
    • Go through the first door and the next door is locked from inside.
    • Use the crate on the left to climb on and then jump up to the hole in the wooden wall.
    • Defeat the Druids and finally go through the open iron gate to find this Ability.

How do you find the Wealth chest location in Tuam

    • As you enter the Tuam village, the wealth chest is located inside the first hut on the right side.
    • The door is locked from inside, you can enter the hut from the window on the right side.

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