Typhlosion Explosion Request: New Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

How to Clear 4 -Star pose 'Typhlosion Explosion Request' | New Pokemon Snap Guide

In New Pokemon Snap, travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. There are dozens of Pokémon roaming around Lental island. The request is to take a photo when Typhlosion when starting explosions.


    • Visit the Fireflow Volcano at research level 3. 
    • Just as the course starts, you’ll see Typhlosion above the mountain. Hit it with a fluffruit. It will then move from there. 
    • Move a little ahead and after going down the narrow path, turn around and look above. 
    • You’ll see the Typhlosion fighting with Aerodactyl. 
    • Hit Typhlosion with an Illumia Orb. Typhlosion will start explosions. Take a snap to fulfill the request.

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