Ukoojisi Shrine: West Necluda Sky Crystal Shrine Quest | Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Ukoojisi Shrine Walkthrough

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the Ukoojisi Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, released on 12th May 2023. To unlock the shrine, you need to find the West Necluda Sky Crystal and offer it to the Ukoojisi Shrine. The location of the Crystal and Shrine is shown in the pictures below.

First, I will show how to get the crystal. The crystal is on the West Necluda Sky Archipelago. Go to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and shoot up to the sky. Then glide to the island as shown in the second picture below.

Jump from the west side of the island to reach the surface below. The path will be blocked with vines as shown in the picture below. Destroy the vines and go inside to find the green crystal.

Inside the island, you will also find a few Zonai Devices. Pick up the flying device. Attach fans, battery, and steering to it as shown in the picture below. Place the green crystal on it. Then ride the flying device to the sky island with the Ukoojisi Shrine as shown in the second picture below. Offer the crystal to the shrine to unlock it. Open the chest inside the shrine to get a Mighty Zonaite Shield. Then get the blessing to complete the shrine.

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