Ulster Artifact Locations: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Artifact #1: Treasure Hoard Map

    • Go to the hut on the Erne River, the door is locked from inside.
    • Head to the side of the hut facing the river and blast the barrel through the door.
    • Go inside the hut and collect the map on a pedestal on the right side near the barrel.
  • For Treasure head to the hut on the bank of Lough Eske and collected the treasure on the left side of the hut near the barrel and wooden boxes

Artifact #2: Treasure Hoard Map

    • Located on the southwest area of Ulster as shown on the map.
    • First, blast the barrel through one of the open windows to unlock the door and enter the house.
    • Use the ladder to climb to the upper level and collect the map from the table.
  • For treasure, go to the cliff edge on the west of where you got the map and jump down into the water.
  • There you will find a wooden boat and a cave, enter the cave to collect the treasure.

Artifact #3: Cursed Symbol

    • Located on a rocky island in the western area of Ulster. 
    • Climb onto the large rock and up to a ledge made from the ruins of half a wooden boat.
    • Stand on the boat and shoot the rocks across the way to destroy the Symbol.

Artifact #4: Cursed Symbol

    • Located in the northwest area of Ulster as marked on the map.
    • Enter the trench area and turn right to follow the path around until you can take a left.
    • Continue walking until you reach a ramp with wooden shields resting against spikes and climb the ramp.
    • At the top climb the pole and walk through the tight rope to cross it. Take left and climb the pole and run across the tightrope. to reach the pole on the other side.
    • From the top of the pole, you can scan for the cursed symbol and shoot it.

Artifact #5: Ui Neill Artifact

    • Located in the northern area of Ulster as marked on the map south of Dysert.
    • You can find the entrance to the cave a little bit 35m southeast of the actual location.
    • Blast the cave door to enter and collect the artifact.

Artifact #6: Ui Neill Artifact

    • You can find the entrance to the cave north of Lagan River as marked on the map.
    • From the dock on Lagan River take a fire vessel and head northwest on the mountain to find the cave entrance. 
    • Blast through the cave door to collect the Artifact.

Artifact #7: Flying Paper

  • Located at the northernmost island of Ulster name Malin Head.
  • Chase the Paper across the wrecks of the ships and cliff and grab it.

Artifact #8: Irish Cycle Page

    • Climb up to the top of the tower and find this on a crate.

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