Ulster Treasure Hoard Map Locations & Solutions: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Artifact #1: Treasure Hoard Map

    • Go to the hut on the Erne River, the door is locked from inside.
    • Head to the side of the hut facing the river and blast the barrel through the door.
    • Go inside the hut and collect the map on a pedestal on the right side near the barrel.
  • For Treasure head to the hut on the bank of Lough Eske and collected the treasure on the left side of the hut near the barrel and wooden boxes

Artifact #2: Treasure Hoard Map

    • Located on the southwest area of Ulster as shown on the map.
    • First, blast the barrel through one of the open windows to unlock the door and enter the house.
    • Use the ladder to climb to the upper level and collect the map from the table.
  • For treasure, go to the cliff edge on the west of where you got the map and jump down into the water.
  • There you will find a wooden boat and a cave, enter the cave to collect the treasure.

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