Underwater Nocturne Quest Guide | Genshin Impact 4.6

Underwater Nocturne is the second quest under the Canticles of Harmony Quest quest chain in the Faded Castle. This article will guide you through all the objectives of the quest “Underwater Nocturne” in Genshin Impact 4.6

Starting Location

The Underwater Nocturne quest starts automatically after the end of The Shadow Over Petrichor quest inside the Underwater Faded Castle.

Continue exploring the Faded Castle

As the quest starts, start following Osse (Cat) and go upstairs. 

Once you reach the top floor, first go to the room on the left side to find a Teleport Waypoint and activate it.

Then head to the left path. Follow Osse to the stage to trigger a cutscene.

Take the Blank Score

Speak with Osse on the stage where Osse will ask you to Take the Blank Score by solving the Autoharmonic Reed Pipes puzzle. 

To take the blank score, head upstairs to the room where you can find a Teleport Waypoint earlier.

Continue further to reach the Autoharmonic Reed Pipes puzzle room.

How to Take the Blank Score

Head to the right Autoharmonic Reed Pipe and slide the soundbar to the specific note. The correct specific note can be found on the nearby wall. Refer to the image below.

Next, proceed to the left Autoharmonic Reed Pipe and slide the soundbar to match the sound note on the wall behind it. Refer to the image as shown below.

Play the Symphony on the Mural

Glide down on the stage below and interact to play the Symphony on the mural. This should trigger a cutscene with another NPC named Boethius.

Note: Activating the stage will allow you to interact with it later to obtain a Luxurious Chest.

Defeat the Golems

After the cutscene defeat four Golems. The quest will end after a cutscene. 

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