How to get Unicorn Power Core | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to get the Unicorn Power Core, which is required to unlock the Monocross Vehicle in the Tower of Fantasy game. Click here to see how to get all the parts to unlock Monocross.

Cook Fiddlehead Pie

You need 2 Brown Rice and 2 Fiddlehead to cook Fiddlehead Pie. If you haven’t discovered the recipe yet, then increase the ingredients for a higher success rate as shown in the picture below. You will find brown rice on the northern portion of Raincaller Island and Fiddlehead in the Banges Industrial Zone. Once you have the required items, cook a Fiddlehead Pie, as you will be needing it later.

Collect Strange Residue

Go to the Miner’s Camp at the location shown in the pictures below and collect the Strange Residue.

Get Ore Extract from Stroker

Next, you need to go to Stroker. You will find him in Goldrush Mountain at the location marked on the map below. You will need to go through the crack on the wall to reach Stroker as shown in the pictures below. Give the Strange Residue and the Fiddlehead Pie to him and in return, he will give you an Ore Extract.

Read Stroker’s Diary

Before leaving Stroker’s lab, read his diary to know the correct order of the gears for the energy conversion device.

Use Energy Conversion Device

Go back to the location where you found the Strange Residue. Activate the three energy conversion devices there and select the correct gear for each device. The correct gear order is shown in the picture below. By doing this, you will get a Unicorn Power Core.

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