Valheim Elder Boss: How to summon and defeat Elder

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Valheim Elder boss fight: Elder location, how to summon and beat The Elder

Valheim Elder boss fight walkthrough

The Elder is the second boss of Valheim. It is a large creature that appears like a large tree. Valheim boss must be summoned at a Mystical Altar. Defeating it brings great rewards, it will drop unique materials when die. These trophies will help you progress through the next chapter of the game.

Valheim Elder boss location and How to summon Elder 

STEP 1: The Black Forest is Elder Boss’s home biome. Find the black forest. There are multiple patches of Black forest as shown below image.

Black Forest location for Elder Boss

STEP 2: Collect 3 x Ancient Seeds from the Black Forest. Ancient Seeds can be obtained by destroying purple-colored Greydwarf nests.

Greydwarfs nest in Black forest of valheim

STEP 3: Get Elder Altar location from Abandoned Tower or Burial chamber in the Black Forest. Interact with Vegvisir stone to reveal a place to summon Elder. Vegvisir is a small glowing red stone.

Stone Tower to find Elder Boss location

STEP 4: Equip Ancient Seeds in Quick Slot.

Ancient seeds for Elder Boss

STEP 5: Go to the Ancient Altar location and burn the ancient seeds.

Ancient Altar location Valheim

Valheim Elder Boss fight Walkthrough

The Elder is a tall tree-like figure. Elder is weak to Fire, keep lots of fire arrows. Upgrade your skills, weapons (Fire Arrow), Bronze Shield, and Armor (Leather ) before summoning Elder. Maximize your health and stamina by eating food like mushrooms, berries, honey, etc.


  1. Use fire arrow to inflict deal bonus damage to the Elder. 
  2. Use four pillars around the Altar to your advantage. You can hide behind them to avoid the Elder’s ranged attack.
  3.  You can also build artificial cover using HOE & place some campfire (to inflict fire damage) before summoning Elder 
  4. Continue to attack from a distance with Fire Arrows and keep avoiding/destroying roots, also keep changing/running to a different pillar.
  5. Additional enemies such as Skeletons or Greydwarfs may join the battle and increase the difficulty significantly
Valheim Elder boss fight walkthrough

Elder Forsaken Power & Loot drops

  • 1 x Elder Trophy, 
  • 1 x Swamp Key.

Here is the step-by-step video guide Elder location, How to summon and How beat The Elder

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