VAMPYR – Chapter 2

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Night Shift

2:40 The Old Morgue (Find the ingredients & Location of the basement key)
5:35 John Doe Boss Fight
7:21 Craft the Treatment for Fatigue
7:45 Bring the medicine to Dorothy Crane in the patient’s room

Once you leave your room the next night, you will run into a Dorothy Crane telling you that they are out of medicine for the hospital. You will need to head down to the Morgue to mix up some homemade medicine out of chemicals that you find down there.

Head back to the Morgue which is around the back of the Hospital. Once inside of the Morgue you will need to find 3 ingredients to make the medicine. Follow the objective markers to each of them, heading upstairs first, since you will find the key to the basement, up there.

Once you have all of the ingredients, head to a crafting table, either in your room, or in the basement of the morgue, and make the treatment for fatigue. After you have created this, head back to Dorothy Crane on the first floor and give it to her.

A Rat in the Hospital

1:15 Talk to Dr. Swansea
4:37 Talk to the hospital benefactor
8:28 Talk to Harriet in the Hospital
10:47 Find Nurse Pippa Hawkins
11:30 Find Nurse Branagan
12:05 Find Nurse Crane
12:23 Eavesdrop on Dorothy Crane
13:26 Retrieve the thug in the sewers
16:08 Sewer Beast Boss Fight

Head back up to Dr. Swansea’s room and he will tell you that a hospital benefactor is in need of your assistance. Follow the marker outside to find Lady Ashbury telling you that she is being blackmailed and needs you to put a stop to it. Talk to Harriet Jones in one of the side rooms, who will tell you that there is a strange man visiting one of the nurses. After this, head out to investigate the other staff members that are listed by following their event markers.

After learning about your eavesdropping abilities by spying on Nurse Crane, you will be told to follow the thug into the sewers. Head down and encounter your first real boss. His is highly resistant to Blood Attacks, and lightly resistant to melee attacks, so keep that in mind when taking him down. After this fight, find the thug’s corpse lying in the middle of the room, with a note from nurse crane on his body.

Blackmail in Whitechapel

0:10 Reach Whitechapel
4:30 Find and talk to Darius Petrescu
5:40 Investigate Darius Petrescu’s actions
7:11 Find Clayton Darby
9:05 Find Richard Nithercott
11:59 Find the mailbox and the letter
12:22 Find a way into Darius Petrescu’s house
13:52 Find Dorothy Crane
18:12 Confront Dorothy Crane
20:32 Report to Lady Ashbury (returning to Pembroke)
23:13 Toby Sheen & Vincent Sheen Boss Fight
25:50 Talk to Lady Ashbury
27:54 Analyze Razvan Vasile’s blood

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