VAMPYR – Chapter 5

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Unnatural Selection

0:05 Report to Lord Redgrave about Doris Fletcher
4:17 Reach the Temple Church entrance.
5:11 Find a passage to get around the quarantine stockade.
7:11 Temple Sewers
7:30 Leon Augustine Boss Fight
9:57 Solve the Water & Valve Puzzle
12:30 Ask West End inhabitants about Aloysius Dawson.
14:40 Enter Aloysius Dawson mansion.

Fountain of Life

After leaving the sewer, head through the hideout to find the Dawson mansion on the other side of it. Head inside and make your decision regarding Aloysius Dawson. Afterwards, you will be greeted by Lord Redgrave who will either congratulate you or kick you out of the Ascalon Club depending on your decision. Head outside and meet with Old Bridget who will tell you that you need to go protect Pembroke Hospital. Head there afterwards.

And by the Sword You Die

0:34 Talk to Old Bridget
2:00 Reach the Pembroke Hospital
7:40 Go to Edward Swansea’s office
7:55 Follow the blood trail
10:30 Defeat Geoffrey McCullum (Boss fight)

Once you get back there, head upstairs and see that Dr. Swansea’s office has been destroyed and he has been kidnapped. Follow the blood trail upstairs to find McCullum and 

have a really enjoyable boss fight involving beams of light that you must avoid at all costs, as they can kill you in a matter of seconds.

After the fight, you will have the chance to spare McCullum, kill him, or turn him into a vampire (depending on your path). Make your decision and head back downstairs. Afterwards, head back to Doris Fletcher’s theatre to rescue Swansea.

Science Without Conscience

0:05 Reach the Doris Fletcher’s Theater
2:47 Gather information about Edward Swansea’s work

Head inside and grab McCullum’s report off of the table in the room where you fought Doris Fletcher and head through the door that it unlocked and downstairs. Talk to Edgar and find out a LOT of plot information and then make your choice as to save or kill Swansea.

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