Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 3) Mission Guide | Honkai: Star Rail

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete the Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 3) Mission on the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone in Honkai: Star Rail.

Starting Location

To initiate part-3 of the ‘Vessel of Mediocrity’ Adventure Mission, make your way to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone region of Jarilo-VI. Talk to Dunn (NPC) to start the quest at the very south of the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone area.

Then, proceed to the Belobog Overworld’s Everwinter Hill area. Speak with the Guardian Shadow to begin your last Fool Box.

Fool’s Box puzzle solution – 1

Move the box positioned directly in front of you forward three times till the end.

Shift the box adjacent to the top-left Cyrille towards the right side once.

Shift the box marked below forward once.

Shift the box in front of the bottom Cyrille down to free her.

Shift the box in front of the Cyrille as marked below forward.

Shift the box as marked below forward.

Shift the box in front of the last Cyrille to the right.

Upon completing the box puzzle, open the chest beside the Guardian Shadow to obtain your reward. Finally, go to the overworld and find someone well-versed in history. You need to talk to Manya to end the quest.

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