Viceron Collectibles: Gold Bolt, Spybot, Armour, Craiggerbear | Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

All Collectibles in Viceron| Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Torren IV is the 9th (last) planet in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It has a total of 7 collectibles. This guide will show you the location of all these 5 collectibles in Torren IV. 

  • 1 x Ryno Spybot 
  • 3 x Gold Bolts 
  • 2 x Armour, and 
  • 1 x CraiggerBear

Gold Bolt (1/3) 

The first gold bolt can be collected during the objective “find the others”. After meeting Ms. Zurkon (weapon vendor), pass through the checkpoint and follow the path to the right (Note: Use a phantom dash to pass through the checkpoints). The gold bolt is in the room on the extreme right (east) side. 

Ryno Spybot 

The Ryno Spybot can be collected during the objective “find the others”.  During this objective, you’ll have to destroy a fan to enter a ventilation shaft. The Spybot is inside this ventilation shaft and you must collect it before jumping out of the vents. Just before dropping out of the ventilation shaft, you’ll see a breakable fan nearby. In the area behind this breakable fan is the Ryno Spybot.  


The CraiggerBear can be collected during the objective “free Ratchet and Kit”. You can collect it just after freeing Clank and the others. The CraiggerBear is on the bench inside the cell (room) in which other NPCs were being held captive. Just after freeing Clank check the room on the right (east) side. 

Gold Bolt (2/3) 

The 2nd Gold Bolt can be collected during the objective “free Ratchet and Kit”. Just after freeing Clank and the others, you move ahead to the outside area (to the north). This area will be crawling with enemies. The Gold Bolt is on a circular platform on the northeast corner of this area. To reach this circular platform you first need to jump on the hanging cubicle from where you can easily reach the gold bolt. 

Armor 1/2 (Q-Force – Chest) 

The Armor (Q-Force Chest) can be collected during the objective “Shut down the Reactor”. This armor is in the prison area where Ratchet’s and Kit’s cell ends up. It’s inside an open prison on the left side (1st prison on the left) on the second floor. You can easily get to the second floor by jumping over the stacked boxes. 

Armor 2/2 (Lombax Praetorian – Chest) 

The Armor (Lombax Praetorian Chest) can also be collected during the objective “Shut down the Reactor”. You’ll find Ms. Zurkon (weapon vendor) just outside the prison area. The room to the right (north) side of Ms. Zurkon has a pocket dimension. The armor piece is at the end of this pocket dimension. 

Just after entering the pocket dimension do a wall run to get to the next platform which has a steed nest. Hit the nest with your hammer to release a steed. Get on the steed, jump over the speed ramp, do a wall run and grapple the yellow-rift to get to the next platform. Another steed will be waiting for you there. Do this two more times to get to the armor. 

Gold Bolt (3/3) 

The 3rd Gold Bolt can be collected during the objective “return to the VIP section”. After shutting down the reactor from the Warden’s office you’ll jump out from the broken window and get down to the cellblock where a riot is going on. In this area, the 2nd cell on the left has the gold bolt. 

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