Vigilance: Both Choices & Outcomes | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC

Angel’s 3rd Request: VIGILANCE

Vigilance is the third resistance mission (Side mission) requested by Angel Lopez in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC. This walkthrough will guide you through all the objectives of Angel’s Request ‘VIGILANCE’ and will show you both the choices/outcomes of the mission. For a visual walkthrough check out the video link at the bottom of the page.

Talk to Angel Lopez

Angel Lopez is in the University College London in Camden district.

Hack the Database to find Angel’s friends

Reach the Albion Internment Centre in north-west corner of Camden district. Enter the Albion Internment Centre through the main gate on the north side. The main gate is locked and the gate’s circuit board is on the wall near the gate. Send the multidrone inside to hack the circuit board and unlock the gate. Just after entering through the main gate, open the shutter door on the right side and get inside the prison cell room and take cover behind the boxes.

The database that you need to hack is in the laptop which is on the right side of this prison cell room. You can hack the database through two cameras installed in this room (see image below). Use Camera #1 to hack the laptop but the download won’t progress since this camera is out of range. Shift to Camera #2 for the downloading to progress.

Unlock the Cell Doors

You need to hack the circuit box to unlock the cells. You can send the multidrone to hack the circuit box.

Find Angel’s Friends

Angel’s friends are in a cell at the south-east corner of the facility. You may encounter 3-4 enemy guards on your way to Angel’s friends. You can quietly take them down if you don’t want to raise alarm. After reaching the cell you’ll find that Angel’s friends are dead.

Photograph the Bodies

You can access the camera by opening the character wheel. Photograph the bodies and escape the area. Use the gate at the south-east corner of the facility (very close to the cell) to escape. You now have evidence against Captain Dansk. You can either deliver the evidence to Claire or Neutralize Captain Dansk.

Option #1: Neutralize Albion Captain Dansk

Go to the location marked on the map. Captain Dansk, along with three more Albion soldiers and 2 drones, is holding 3-4 hostages in the area. Neutralize Dansk and others. Free the hostages if you want.

Option #2: Deliver the Evidence to Claire Waters

Go to the location marked on the map. Claire is standing outside the Camden Market. Give her the evidence to trigger a cutscene and end the mission.

Consequences of Both the Choices

– Mission reward remains the same.
– Angel’s response is exactly the same in both the outcomes.
– These choices have no effect whatsoever on the storyline.

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