Vile Bilemaw Location | Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Rumor: Defeat The Vile Bilemaw

This guide shows how to complete the Defeat The Vile Bilemaw Rumor in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, released on 28th April 2023. The quest starts by talking to the Turgle in Pyloon’s Saloon as shown in the pictures below.

Go to the Fogged Expanse meditation point. From there, take the path going left as shown in the second picture below.

Continue ahead hugging the right wall until the path ends. Grapple the wall ahead and run on the wall to reach the surface on the other side as shown in the pictures below. Now take the path going straight as shown in the picture below.

Proceed ahead and take the elevator to go down to Vile Bilemaw as shown in the pictures below. Defeat the Vile Bilemaw to complete the quest.

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