Village: All Flower Shrines Locations | Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Guide

This guide shows how to get all Flower Shrines in the ‘Village’ area in ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. There are a total of 8 Flower Shrines in the Village area of Kena: Bridge of Spirits

#1 Flower Shrine

Go left from the Village Center warp stone, toward the Storehouse. After crossing the river turn to the right to find a Flower Shrine against a cliff, near lanterns.

#2 Flower Shrine

Clearing the Warrior Path. This flower shrine is located on a small island between the Village Docks and Warrior Path warp stones

#3 Flower Shrine

Head north from the Archery Range warp stone and then take left just before the wooden bridge. You will find a Flower Shrine on the left.

#4 Flower Shrine

You need Spirit Dash ability. As you progress through the Hunter Path, you’ll come to a combat encounter with a Forest Tear. Defeat the enemies and clear the corruption. On the right, as you approach the broken bridge is a Flower Shrine.

#5 Flower Shrine

The next flower shrine is located just south of the Village Center warp stone along the main path as marked on the map. It is located kist in front of this big house.

#6 Flower Shrine

On your way to Taro’s Tree area, you’ll come across a Forest Tear. Use the Forest Tear to bring Rots together and bring it back down the pathway to clear the corruption from the environment. This Flower Shrine is just before where you find Forest Tear.

#7 Flower Shrine

Head to the right from the Village Center warp stone and take left at Flower Shrine #6. Continue to follow the path until you reach a wooden bridge followed by a broken stone bridge. Jump across the gap and then turn right to find this Flower Shrine

#8 Flower Shrine

You need Spirit Dash ability. On the Mask Maker’s Path, you will climb up the side of a waterfall. At the top of this platform, the sequence is a Flower Shrine.

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