Village: All Hat Locations | Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Guide

There are 21 Hats available to collect in the Village area.

#1 Hat – Mask Marker

After obtaining the Incense relic and defeating the Mask Maker boss, you will be awarded the Mask Marker Hat.

#2 Hat – Hunter

Hunter hat is awarded automatically for defeating the Hunter boss through the Hunter Path. For this, you need Spirit Dash ability.

#3 Hat – Warrior

Warrior hat is awarded automatically for defeating the Warrior boss through the Warrior Path. For this, you need Spirit Dash ability.

#4 Hat – Mushroom

This hat is automatically awarded for purifying the village’s central area.

#5 Hat – Pot

You will find a chest besides Rot Hat Cart . Open the chest to collect Pot Hat.

#6 Hat – Clover

After purifying the village central area, you will find a chest south of Rot Hat Cart in the main central area. The Clover Hat is inside this chest.

#7 Hat – Unicorn

First, collect a Spirit Mail from Forgotten Forest. Now, open the house just south of Village Center warp stone, with steps leading up. Use the Spirit Mail to enter inside. After clearing the corruption inside the house, you will find three Crushed Chests. Complete the challenge associated with the middle cursed chest, and you will get a Unicorn Hat as a reward.

#8 Hat – Star

Clear the enemies and corruption from the house located south-east village center swap stone. I have marked the building that needs to be purified. Go inside to find this Hat in a chest.

#9 Hat – Frog

From the Village Center warp stone, take the main path going south. Take a right and you’ll see a set of stairs leading up. To enter the area, you will need a Spirit Mail. After entering, clean up the area to discover a frog pond. Hit the three gemstones on the edge of the pond in this order: middle, right, left to receive a Frog Hat

#10  Hat – Yellow Mushroom

From the Village Center warp stone, head to the right path and enter inside the second house on the left, as marked on the map. After clearing the corruption and go inside the building. Yellow Mushroom hat is inside a chest.

#11 Hat – Ladybug

Head to the right path from the Village Center warp stone. purify the hut from the corruption. You will find a chest on the backside of the hut. Ladybug hut is inside the chest.

#12 Hat – Baseball

Head to the right from the Archery Range warp stone, past a water wheel, and over the bridge. A house with a chest is located to the left. Open the chest to collect Baseball Hat.

#13 Hat – Zajuro’s Mask

Head to the right direction from Village Center warp stone and take a left turn at Flower Shrine. Continue to follow the path until you reach a wooden bridge followed by a broken stone bridge. Jump across the gap and then turn right to find a hut that contains Hat. I have marked the location on the map.

#14 Hat – Toshi’s Mask

This Hat is available inside a hut not very far from previous Hat. Clear the corruption before entering inside the hut. Location is marked on the map.

#15 Hat – Mask

You will be awarded Mask Marker after your encounter with enemies for the second time. Head inside a small house and open the chest with the Mask Hat inside. For this, you need Spirit Dash ability.

#16 Hat – Dinasour

Make your way to the Storehouse. There are three stone pedestals on the ground just before the entranceto the Storehouse, each with an owl engraved in it. Three owl statues are nearby. Place the statues on the pedestal using the Rot. You will receive a dinosaur hat as a result of this.

#17 Hat – Cat

Proceed to the Storehouse. Turn left at the bridge’s entrance and hop over the platforms. At the end, you will find a chest containing a Cat Hat.

#18 Hat – Dog

Turn back from the Village Docks warp stone and proceed around to the right, up some stairs that lead to a bridge. Cross the bridge and to the left to find a chest containing the Dog Hat.

#19 Hat – Samurai

Swim out to the Forest Tear after clearing the Warrior Path. Beyond it is a rock that you can jump up to, leading to some ledges that you can climb. Turn around at the top of this and you’ll see some breakable rocks in the cliff. Do this by jumping across the platforms and then zipping across the gap with the blue flower. Follow the path to the left, kill the enemies, and then dash through the gate. Finally, turn around and you’ll find the Samurai Hat in a chest.

#20 Hat – Bunny

Using Spirit Mail, open the house just down from the Village Docks warp stone. Return down one floor once you’ve cleared the corruption from the building. The Bunny Hat can be found in a chest.

#21 Hat – Fishing

From the Storehouse warp stone, turn around back over the bridge and then right through to the fishing area. Location is marked on the map. Shoot the blue flower on a small platform in the middle of the water and Grapple over to it. Pull the bucket out of the water, to find a Rot in a bucket. You will receive this Hat along with Rot.

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