Village: All Spirit Mail Locations | Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Guide

There are 3 Spirit Mails available to collect in the Village area.

#1 Spirit Mail 

From the Village center, head right towards Taro’s Tree. As you go up the steps, there is a house on the right with a blocked doorway. I have marked the location on the map. This house is having a hole in its roof. Here you have to deploy Rot to pick up a large block and place it in such a way that you can jump inside the house through the hole. You will find Spirit Mail inside the house.

#2 Spirit Mail 

This spirit Mail is available on the top floor of the building on Mask Maker’s path. I have marked the building on the map for reference. Enter inside the building and go around the back. You will find the wooden stairs at the back of the building. Climb the tower and at the very top is a Spirit Mail.

#3 Spirit Mail 

You can access this Spirit Mail after clearing the Warrior Path. You will get a Flower Shrine located on a small island between the Village Docks and Warrior Path warp stones. From ‘flower shrine’ swim out to the Forest Tear (east direction). 

Jump on the rock which leads to ledges you can climb and move to the right-hand side. At the top of this, turn right and you’ll see shimmering rocks in the cliff you can bomb using the Spirit Bomb. Spirit Bomb is unlocked for you once you complete Taro’s questline and enter the Storehouse.

Use the Spirit Bomb ability to make shimmering rocks float. Jump on these floating rocks to move forward. Finally, shoot the white flower to reach the platform.

On the left, enter into the cave and follow the path. Clear all enemies and then dash through the gate. Finally, turn around and go toward the gate. You will find the Spirit Mail on top of a rock on the left side.

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