Village Heart: All Collectibles (Rots, Hats, Flower Shrines, Spirit Mail, Cursed Chests) | Kena: Bridge of Spirits Puzzles Guide

This guide shows how to get all the collectibles in the ‘Village Heart’ area in ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. There are a total of 14 collectibles in the Village Heart (6 Rots, 3 Hats, 1 Flower Shrines, 2 Spirit Mail, 2 Cursed Chests).

#1. Spirit Mail 1/2

The Spirit Mail is inside the small house at the highlighted location.

#2. Cursed Chest 1/2

It is on top of the wooden walkway at the highlighted location. Interact with the chest and then defeat 15 enemies in 1 minute to complete the challenge.

#3. Spirit Mail 2/2

Go to the location as shown below and throw a bomb on the rock sticking from the cliff wall. One part of the rock will levitate and a blue flower will emerge. The other part of the rock will form a platform. Grapple on the flower to reach the platform. Then jump and grab the ledge on the cliff wall as shown in the third picture below. Move to the other end of the ledge and then climb up to reach the top of the cliff. You will find a stone wall here. Break it using a bomb and enter to get the Spirit Mail.

#4,5. Cursed Chest 2/2 & Hat 1/3 (Hana’s Mask)

Go inside the cave and jump down the water. After swimming through a tunnel you will reach an area where you will find a few bombable rocks in the water. You will need to bomb the rocks to move ahead. But before doing that, you can find the chest at the location shown below. Interact with the chest and then defeat the wood knight to complete the challenge. Then open the chest to get Hana’s Mask.

#6. Rot 1/6

At the same location where you found the previous cursed chest, you will find a flower on the right side of the main path as shown in the picture below. Grapple to the flower and while falling down grapple to another flower in front as shown in the picture below. The rot is below the second flower.

#7. Rot 2/6

In the cave, you will come across red water with bombable rocks in it. Bomb the rocks for them to levitate. Then use the rocks to climb up as shown below. After climbing up, turn around to find the rot.

#8. Flower Shrine 1/1

In the cave, you will have to fight Rot-Eater mini boss as part of the main story. Summon tear and guide it to the left side of the arena to cleanse the flower shrine.

#9,10,11. Rot 3,4,5/6

You will receive three rots after you get the Village Heart Relic. This is story-related and cannot be missed.

#12,13. Rot 6/6 & Hat 2/3 (Crown)

After you have cleansed the village heart, an elevator will appear. Don’t take the elevator. Instead, go back down the staircase. Then jump down the water and swim through the tunnel to reach a room underneath the elevator platform. Here you will find the hat inside a chest and the rot below a stone slab as shown in the pictures below.

#14. Hat 3/3 (Stinky Fruit)

Take the elevator back up to the village. Go inside the hut at the highlighted location. Grapple to the flower inside the hut to reach the upper platform, Open the chest on the upper platform to get the hut.

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