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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the War Dead Catacombs in Elden Ring. War Dead Catacombs is in Caelid at the location shown in the picture below.

To reach the catacomb, you will have to first defeat General Radahn. Challenge and defeat General Radahan in Redmane Castle, which is in the southeast portion of Caelid. After Radahn Boss Fight, go north to reach the War Dead catacombs.

War Dead Catacombs Walkthrough

After entering the catacomb, go down the stairs and you will reach a hall. In this hall, you will see three paths ahead of you as shown below.
Path 1: Go down the staits to reach the basement. here you will find Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, Collapsing Stars spell, Golden Rune [6], and Ghost Glovewort [4].
Path 2: It leads to the boss door, which would be closed.
Path 3: This is the main path. Climb up the stairs and proceed ahead.

After climbing up the stairs, go in a linear path till the end. In the final room, you will find Ghost Glovewort [6]. Jump down from the window on the right side in this room as shown below.

After jumping down the window, climb up the stairs and jump down from another window as marked in the picture below. If you go to the room next to this window, you will find Radahn Soldier Ashes inside.

After jumping down the window, you will find a lever in front of a statue. Pull the lever to open the boss door. Then jump down and go through the path on the west side as shown below to reach the boss lair. Defeat Putrid Tree Spirit boss to get Redmane Knight Ogha ash and a Golden Seed.

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