Revisit PS5 Exclusive All Returnal Trailer Revealed So far

Returnal tells the story of Selene, an astronaut that crash lands on an alien planet. Once on this planet, she quickly discovers that she cannot die. More accurately, she can and does die several times, but every time it happens she simply wakes up at the point just before her ship crash-landed. Players are entrusted with sorting out what’s happening while at the same time battling through threatening animals from a lethal planet.

Housemarque’s PS5 exclusive Returnal is quite possibly the most anticipated game of the year 2021. Many details about Returnal are available already, and fans can now do a quick rundown of all the available trailers at once.

Returnal releases for PS5 on April 30, 2021.

Returnal Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer is a substantial two-minute-long video, which reveals insight into numerous aspects of the game’s story, characters, and ongoing interaction. The trailer’s initial shows a spaceship colliding with an outsider planet. The overlying dialogue states that the player would have to investigate the planet and battle its numerous dangers with an end goal to get away from the titular loop.

Returnal Gameplay Trailer

Returnal’s next trailer centered more around displaying the full breadth of the gameplay systems. The trailer starts off slow, with the spaceship crashing and the protagonist Selene waking and investigating the apparently deserted,alien-infested planet.

Returnal’s battle looks to be remarkably fast-paced, and players would need to learn the methods to be able to finish the game. The enemies shown are also different and sport a wide array of attack patterns that test the player on timings, precision, and spatial knowledge.

Returnal Combat Trailer

This trailer shows how the combat systems and Selene’s arsenal. The weapons are seemingly spread around the planet. In addition to this, many artifacts can be seen during the trailer. The diversity of the weapons and abilities on offer is astonishing. Melee weapons also seem to be a part of Returnal’s warfare systems.

Returnal Atropos Trailer

This trailer focuses on the setting, the alien-infested planet of Atropos. Ever since crash landing on the planet for the first time, Selene seems to be in a constant endeavor to explore the endless secrets of this strange land. 

Atropos will feature six distinct biomes. The first and the most profoundly shown off is the Overgrown Ruins which is similar to a forest and a marsh. Derelict Citadel is a deserted city with a distinctly recognizable tower, and exploration here seems to reveal more about the alien race and the architect of the city. Crimson Waves is similar to a mountainous region.

Returnal State Of Play First Person Horror Trailer

This trailer came out in February 2021. The trailer stated the various gameplay aspects in Returnal and how mobility and adjusting to the situation at hand is key to survival.

The developer commentary explains the combat systems and alternative fire modes of weapons in Returnal. In addition to this, fans get a tease of the first-person gameplay in Returnal.

Returnal Story Trailer

This trailer dives deep into the game’s narrative, and the lore surrounding Atropos, the game’s setting. The titular mansion seems to tie in with Selene’s personal nightmares and horrors, and could even shed a light on how she got tied into the time loop.

Moreover, players additionally get a glance at Returnal’s online features. Players will be able to see corpses of fellow survivors in their world, which when interacted with, would play a clip of how the player in question met his/her demise.

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