Watchtower: Clear the Corruption | Adira’s Love Puzzles | Kena Bridge of Spirits Fields Walkthrough

You will get the objective to Clear the Corruption at the Watchtower during the ‘Adira’s Love’ mission in the Fields area. This article shows how to solve the puzzles clear the corruption at the watchtower.

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Clear the Corruption at the Watchtower

First, you need to go to the location of Tear 1 as marked in the picture below.

You will find a water bucket in front of the wooden arch near the tear as shown below. Use rot to water the tear. This will make it grow into a plant. Summon the tear and use it to destroy the corruptions blocking your path leading to Tear 2 (See the picture above for location).

Between the Tear 2 and the watchtower, there will be bombable rocks. Bomb the rocks to move them. Then summon the tear from the plant and use it to destroy the corruption blocking the path leading to the tower. After destroying the corruption go near the watchtower.

In front of the watchtower, you will find another set of bombable rocks as shown below. Throw a bomb on the rocks to make them levitate and form floating platforms.

Grapple to the blue flowers on the floating rocks to jump to the top of the floating platform. Once you are here, destroy the corrupted bulb above the watchtower. This will complete your mission to clear the Corruption at the Watchtower.

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