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  • Post published:September 12, 2023
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This step-by-step guide will show you the location of the Suit or Security Guard Uniform for the mission “Access is Key” in Starfield.

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How to Get a Suit or Security Guard Uniform

As the mission “Access Is Key” unfolds, Imogene Salzo tasks you with securing a security card from Gagarin Landing’s Head of Security. To accomplish this objective, you must avoid detection by the security personnel, employ a clever disguise, and employ stealth techniques to procure the card. Also, wearing a suit or security uniform can help you persuade the guards to hand over the keycard. 

Before departing Ryujin Tower, take a detour to the lobby and go to Aito Suzuki’s shop, located on the ground floor of the tower among the various vendors.

Aito Suzuki’s store offers a range of suits for purchase using credits. Options include the Corpo Sleek Suit and Power Suit at 498 credits each, the Boardroom Suit at 641 credits, and the Megacorp Executive Suit for 712 credits. Before leaving Neon, stop by Aito Suzuki’s shop to acquire a stylish Suit for your Starfield character. Equip it in the Apparel category for your Starfield character.

Alternatively, you can obtain a security guard uniform by visiting the Neon Security building. Head inside, take a left and ascend the stairs to locate lockers containing the Security Guard Uniform.

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