Well of Urd All Collectibles Locations | God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: Well of Urd Collectibles Guide

This guide shows the location of all collectibles and how to get them in the Well of Urd area of the Midgard Region in God of War Ragnarok.

1) Remnants of Asgard

Remnants of Asgard at the entrance of the Well of Urd. They will spawn only if you have completed the main story quests.

2) Nornir Chest

Proceed ahead in the area and you will see the Nornir Chest on the path. To unlock the chest, you will have to light three torches.

Torch #1 is on the right side of the chest as shown in the picture below. Ignite it with your blade. Torch #3 is above Torch #1 and Torch #2 is on top of the mountain wall on the left side of the chest. To reach those torches, grapple on the mountain wall on the right side of Torch #1. Then lean right and grapple to the hook on the opposite mountain wall. From there, you will be able to see Torch #3 as shown in the second picture below. Jump to the platform above Torch #3 and then go left to find Torch #2 as shown in the third picture below. Use your blade to ignite Torch #2. Then jump down to the platform near Torch #3 and ignite it using your blade. This will unlock the chest. Open it to get an Idunn Apple.

3) Hel Tear (Frozen Spark)

Climb back to the top, where you lit Torch #2 for the Nornir Chest. Squeeze through the ice wall there as shown in the picture below to find the Hel Tear. They will spawn only after Main Quest 12.

4) Odin’s Raven

Climb up the wall behind the Hel Tear as shown in the picture below. When you are at the top, look up to see Odin’s Raven as shown in the second picture below.

5) Legendary Chest (Rönd of Purification – Shield Attachment)

After getting the raven, hang down from the ledge. Then smash the wall in the front as shown in the pictures below to get the legendary chest.

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