WELL WELL WELL Side Quest Walkthrough | Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you through the all objectives of the sidequest “WELL WELL WELL” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. You came across a well southeast of Aranshire inside some old ruins and heard a voice coming from it.


Well Well Well is a side quest that can be found southeast of Aranshire. Visit Aranshire and then head up into the hills to the southeast side and follow the paths there.

You will come across a magical well in some ruins that speak to you. Speak to the well to receive a map. Refer to the below images.

Use the Well’s Treasure Map to find the Treasure

The map depicts a ruin, a bridge, and a tree in the middle of them. The Well’s Treasure Map will lead you to the Ancient Magic Hotspot south of Irondale in the Feldcroft Region. Use  Fast travel to Irondale.

After reaching the ruins, walk across the bridge. The Well’s Treasure is found underneath a tree northwest of the hotspot. 

Use Levioso on the tree to pull it out of the ground. The chest is entangled in the roots of the tree.

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